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Back in Time: First Regime

1944 – 1970: The Second World War left behind a toxic atmosphere that took a toll on human, economic and political societies worldwide. Governments’ primary concern was quick recovery, although ironically spending reduced significantly post-war (for example, in the U.S. it climbed to over 55% of GDP during the war, but dropped […]

Back in Time: Second Regime

1970-1985: The economy fully embraced the period of global co-operation during the Bretton Woods agreement, with growth increasing an average of 6% to 8% between 1950 and 1970. As foreshadowed by the economic cycle, a period of expansion is often followed by a slowdown in activity that marks the beginning of an economic contraction […]

Back in time: Third Regime

1985-2010 By the 1980s most countries developed a new outlook: they abandoned isolationism and instead turned around to look at the world with a new sense of eagerness as they prepared to trade outside their national borders. This outwards-oriented approach gave rise to the theme of globalisation which increased international trade in goods, services, capital […]